Emotional Self-Mastery for
Freedom, Choice and Peace of Mind

Regain the power to control your own emotional responses

8 weeks to Healing From Life-long Unresolved Emotional Trauma

Learn an exact process designed to give you a deep and profound life altering awakening that can heal trauma for good.
The overwhelming response from natural healing professionals who experience Emotion Mapping Therapy is that it is the most effective method they have encountered to gain freedom from painful emotional experiences.
Based in a medical understanding of how the brain is wired, it trains the feeling senses as a precise guide to recognizing the path through the mind to conflict resolution.
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Do you suffer from...
• Constant anxiety and worry
• Insomnia
• Poor circulation
• Cold hands and feet
• Weakness in your organs
• Disconnection
• Heightened states of fear
• Destructive emotional patterns
• Anger, Guilt and Shame
• Mental breakdown
• Stress
• Difficulty in relationship

Emotional Trauma facts:
Traumatic memories stay "stuck" in the brain's nether regions—the nonverbal, nonconscious,subcortical regions (amygdala, thalamus, hippocampus, hypothalamus and brain stem)—where they are not accessible to the frontal lobes--the understanding, thinking, reasoninpartof the brain.
The paradox at the heart of trauma: you see and feel only their trauma, or you see and feel nothing at all.
PTSD is marked by an inability to construct a coherent story of their past
to where you become disorganized and incoherent
Emotional Self Mastery will help you:
Let go of painful emotional memories
Control your emotional responses
Give you clarity of mind and the power to manifest what you really want
The Journey
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Class 1 - Wednesday, May 15, 2019 @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
GPS Your Emotions

There is a comprehensive map of your issues and conflicts in your brain. Bring them boldly and squarely into your awareness, and learn how to create new neurological tracks, ones that are in alignment with the real you.
  • Learn how practicing connectivity with yourself and others will lead you into greater wisdom and better choices.
  • Overcome your fears and misnomers about uniting with other people. We often avoid connection with others as a means of protecting ourselves from wounding and pain. Learn how connection, in fact, gives you power, clarity and the ability to make informed choices.
  • Delve into the language and interpretation of feelings at a level beyond your previous experiences. By expanding your inner dialogue create an inner landscape that is ripe for the key ingredients for emotional mastery: recognition, acceptance and forgiveness.
Class 2 - Wednesday, May 22, 2019 @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
Defeating your pain body.

You can use your pain to understand your psyche. In doing so, you will transmute your resistance and battle with your body, and learn to body-talk yourself into pain free states of emotional freedom.
  • Learn how to transmute negativity for good. Caught in a ‘this or that,’ paradigm, we become restricted in our ability to process our feelings because we judge them. Learning to transmute your judgment and come back into ease is key to emotional health.
  • Using the powers of observation and clairsentience, you will perform self- healing by eliminating a chronic pain through the training in Week 2.
  • Learn the fundamentals of ‘Emotion Mapping,’ your core issues to the root in this lesson, and observe a live session between a trainer and trainee.
Class 3 - Wednesday, May 29, 2019 @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
Emotion Memory Access Training

All of your memories from your existence in time and space are in your pineal gland. Why is it so important to remember? Remembering brings integration. Even when traumatic events happen in a past life, in the womb, or as a young child, the memory is stored in our cells and in our pineal glands. Remembering brings an acceptance and fundamentally necessary forgiveness and letting go of old life-forcing depleting emotional habits.
  • This training begins the process of opening the channels through which remembering happens, though the memories themselves, may show up separately, in dreams or spontaneously, later, in daily activities or otherwise.
  • Upon activating the pineal gland, you will immediately enter into an ‘Emotion Mapping’ session with a partner, as either the giver or receiver.
  • Through acute observation, guided experience and reflection, gain mastery to Self-Map or initiate the process on others, an important step, to emotional freedom, since one of the most common challenges is to identify and separate our feelings from those of the people around us; Unburdening ourselves from attempting to process feelings that do not belong to us.
Class 4 - Wednesday, June 5, 2019 @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
Resolve life-long issues from the root

The human brain is truly humanitarian. In that sense, though different in our ways, we have a common design and common function. Your issues and conflicts are the result of the neurological programming in your brain. Learning some of the common ways in which the brain interprets and responds to stimuli that develops into trauma will put you a step ahead in the observation and transmutation process.
Class 5-8 - Wednesdays, June 12, 19, 26 and July 3 @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
Practicum: Partner Work, Trainer Guidance and Synchronization
Workshop Trainer:
Yolessa K. Lawrinnce, Esq.

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Wanting to understand the process that had preceded me during a profoundly emotionally transformative period of my life, I threw myself into experimental research, and began to consciously observe how my emotions had transferred into my subconscious and lodged themselves physiologically. Upon the loosening and release of matter, at times, I would experience a staunch ‘remembering’ of trauma before it disappeared. Most importantly of all, I learned how emotional patterns that may be dominating a person’s personality, causing health problems, relationships issues, bad habits, financial problems and numerous other issues, can be completely eliminated in just minutes by the eradication of the emotional pattern. This changed me forever. Even at the most intense moments of my own personal journey, I knew that this wisdom was meant to be shared with you.
Here are 6 reasons why you will get more know-how in 6 weeks than most people get in years pursuing emotional mastery:
Full Immersion Experience - You will be working with others getting to observe the process done on them, and on me.
Learning Environment Designed for Immediate Results - by practicing the skills needed to use the therapy effectively during the 6 weeks, you install in yourself the behavior and habits necessary for immediate healing
Constant Feedback for Immediate Improvement - You get immediate feedback on your process, your approach, and get to improve things dramatically, so you can map faster.
Daily Accountability for Daily Results - when you start seeing people in the group excel at the process, it shows you they can get results, so most likely you will try, and because you will know exactly what to do, you will most likely succeed.
Valuable/Lifelong connections - You will be making new friendships in an intimate group with people who can help you whatever your biggest problem is …connections are important!
Done For You help on the Spot - One of the biggest reasons people fail to heal trauma in others or themselves is because they lack the technical skills or knowledge on how to approach it….trying to see through trauma can feel like a hail storm - so that’s why its a lot easier when you’re in a training where there’s a team on site to help guide you.
Summary of Benefits:
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• Resolve life-long issues from the root
• Increase your ability to Manifest Your Dreams
• Gain Emotional Self Control
• Reduce pain
• Increase feelings of Joy and Happiness
• Become the true creator of your life

Emotional Self-Mastery for Freedom, Choice and Peace of Mind